Monday, December 8, 2008

tell me hey! what's the news from your bed?!

i am still swollen on my right side but it's getting better. i am not bruised or anything but still vaguely look like i was roughed up a bit. maybe i look a little tougher even though i really am not all that tough.

i handed in my last assignment of the semester today and it is probably the most hilarious assignment to date. i started it and finished it yesterday all while under the influence of painkillers plus tylenol and codeine. it isn't half bad, i swear! my sister edited it for me just to make sure it wasn't terribly loopy and didn't cause plenty of "wtf?" moments and she said she really liked it. YES. i had a mini panic attack about getting a document for my history exam but it is all smoothed out.

is this a blog about my school work? i think not! in other fucking news, there really isn't anything else to say. saturday is my freedom for christmas break and i finally get to decorate my very undecorated tree that is standing in my livingroom all naked and whatnot. i also have to start and finish my sister's christmas present this weekend but i am beyond broke it is getting a bit ridiculous. i can't even bring myself to look at my visa statement because i know she tipped the thousand dollar mark last week.

currently listening to: bishop allen--the news from your bed

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